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Pallet distribution has revolutionised the road haulage industry over the years. There is some uncertainty over the invention of the humble pallet, but trawling through patent records would suggest they started to appear around the end of the 1920s.

Today, pallet delivery is a super effective way of moving goods around  the UK and beyond. Every type of situation can be efficiently catered for using palletised loads, be it loading or unloading lorries and trucks, easy transportation and handling, or simple pallet deliveries into warehousing or storage.

Pallet Delivery is the process of moving a customers goods via a pallet, which can be made of wood, plastic or metal, depending on the load involved. The consignment is securely fastened to the pallet using webbing, strapping, shrink wrap or a combination of all three.  Here at Monarch Transport, the bulk of our pallet deliveries are on wooden pallets.

Using Monarch Transport's pallet delivery service makes the movement, handling and storing of goods really simple. Pallets are insanely strong, each one easily coping with a metric tonne load, they can be easily stacked one on another to maximise storage space, and they last a long time.

Today, Monarch Transport offer a complete logistics service on our pallet delivery service so if you require warehousing or storage for your goods prior to or after road haulage, we're a one stop shop.

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