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Glasgow based Monarch Transport are ideally placed to distribute your light haulage goods and consignments throughout Scotland, England, and the rest of the UK. We have a huge range of light haulage vehicles available and with access to over 100 distribution centres throughout the UK, Monarch can pick up from your door at very short notice. For urgent light load deliveries call 0141 425 1585 - we will make sure your consignment gets there on time.

The term "Light Haulage" in the UK, refers to a class of haulage where the gross vehicle weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes .  This is an important classification, because if your goods can be transported as light haulage, the haulier concerned does not require the vehicle to have a tachograph, and the driver can operate the truck or vehicle with a normal car licence. One other benefit of light haulage vehicles is they have a higher speed restriction compared to HGVs - sixty mph on dual carriageways and seventy mph on motorways. Obviously, this means light goods can be transported more quickly to their destination. Also, because light haulage vehicles are substantially smaller than HGVs, it means they are much more likely to deliver to the customers door, and with no need for distribution centre load changes, the whole timing of the delivery is speeded up significantly. Many of the so called "white van man" vehicles we see everyday up and down the UK are technically light haulage vehicles.

Monarch Transport provide a first class light haulage service for domestic and commercial customers, with guaranteed next day delivery available throughout the UK. With state of the art fleet management technology we monitor the movement of your goods in real time, making sure your light haulage load gets there on time, every time.

For clarification, when we talk about "Gross Vehicle Weight", for light haulage the figure of 3.5 tonnes refers to the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle including passengers and cargo.

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