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Monarch Transport are long time experts in the logistics of container haulage within the UK and onward freight transport within Europe.

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If you need to ship goods around the UK or into Europe, using different types of transport at different stages, container transport will usually be the best option. Sometimes called intermodal transport, containers come in all sorts of materials : steel, aluminium, plywood. fibreglasss or wood depending on the goods to be transported.

Containers are constructed in such a way as to make it easy transporting goods across modes eg from rail or road to sea crossing. The containers have special fittings which make it easy for lifting gear to handle and move them around. Containers are usually fitted with a strong rigid steel frame and corrugated panels for additional strength. Their design means containertransport is fast and reliable and provides excellent protection for fragile goods, they are very secure, so the chance of theft is substantially reduced, and they tend to reduce the overall cost of freight and shipping due to their fast turnaround time. They are also air and watertight so goods are protected during haulage and freight journeys.

There are many different types of containers used in road transport and sea and rail freight in the UK, and similarly there are various sizes available. The ISO recognised standard sizes are 20ft x 8ft x 8.5 ft - this is called a twenty foot equivalent unit (TEU) and 40ft x 8ft x 8.5ft - forty feet equivalent unit (FEU) .  Container freight ships are usually measured by their TEU capacity.

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